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Physics Karaoke

qrcode.33635015Sharing teacher developed online resources.


STEM in the new VCE Science Study Designs

Presented at the STAV and Quantum Victoria ICT-STEM Conference on August 28, 2015.

STAV AIP Physics Conference 2015

The following is a page set aside for resources from my presentations at the STAV AIP VCE Physics Conference held at Monash University in February 2015. I will also use this page to collect useful resources that I come across from sessions that I attend.

A22 – Workshop Unit 1 Physics in 2016

B14 – Flipping Physics!

Padlet wall – for backchannel discussion, asking questions, posting ideas, adding reflections before/during/after the presentation

Presentation slides (PDF) – slides used in the presentation, including links within to useful resources

STAVCON Presentation: Flipped Learning

On Thursday 28 November2013 I presented a session on Flipped Learning at STAVCON in Melbourne. The presentation and related resources are below.

Questions and Suggestions – a backchannel to leave any questions or suggestions that you think of during the presentation (Padlet)

Presentation slides

Reflection – what will you try in your teaching practice (Padlet)

Feedback – provide feedback on the presentation (PollEV)

If you enjoyed the session and are going to give flipped learning a go in your classes, please get in touch and let me know how it went.