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Hexaflexagon Fun

Thanks to Twitter and YouTube, I recently came to watch Vi Hart’s videos on hexaflexagons¬†(her YouTube channel¬†has some fascinating maths in it wrapped up in some very engaging and creative videos!).

A great idea for my Year 10 Maths class. Hence the essential question for the next lesson…


And some flexagation fun ensued!

If you haven’t made one, give it a try! I found this tutorial helpful as it didn’t rely on any templates, just some logical folds.

Now I just need to get some burritos and make a hex flex mex for lunch!

Newton’s Third Law

Watch this video from ESA on Newton’s 3rd Law.

Answer the following questions in the comments (and/or your workbook):

  • Name one of the action-reaction pairs from when the astronauts push against each other
  • If they both experienced the same force, why does the astronaut carrying the heavy battery not move as fast as his colleague?
  • Why did only one student move from the end of the Newton’s Cradle?
  • What is the action-reaction pair for a rocket?

Use this quiz to check your understanding.

Newton's Third Law

Check your understanding of Newton's Third Law by completing this quiz.
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Force is a vector

Watch this quick video for a memorable story to remind you that force is a vector quantity.

Forces and Vectors

Check your understanding by completing this quiz on forces and vectors.
Congratulations - you have completed Forces and Vectors. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.
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In the comments (either here, or on Facebook), post an example of another quantity that is a vector.