Physics Karaoke

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STEM in the new VCE Science Study Designs

Presented at the STAV and Quantum Victoria ICT-STEM Conference on August 28, 2015.

STAV AIP Physics Conference 2015

The following is a page set aside for resources from my presentations at the STAV AIP VCE Physics Conference held at Monash University in February 2015. I will also use this page to collect useful resources that I come across from sessions that I attend.

A22 – Workshop Unit 1 Physics in 2016

B14 – Flipping Physics!

Padlet wall – for backchannel discussion, asking questions, posting ideas, adding reflections before/during/after the presentation

Presentation slides (PDF) – slides used in the presentation, including links within to useful resources

Hexaflexagon Fun

Thanks to Twitter and YouTube, I recently came to watch Vi Hart’s videos on hexaflexagons (her YouTube channel has some fascinating maths in it wrapped up in some very engaging and creative videos!).

A great idea for my Year 10 Maths class. Hence the essential question for the next lesson…


And some flexagation fun ensued!

If you haven’t made one, give it a try! I found this tutorial helpful as it didn’t rely on any templates, just some logical folds.

Now I just need to get some burritos and make a hex flex mex for lunch!

STAVCON Presentation: Flipped Learning

On Thursday 28 November2013 I presented a session on Flipped Learning at STAVCON in Melbourne. The presentation and related resources are below.

Questions and Suggestions – a backchannel to leave any questions or suggestions that you think of during the presentation (Padlet)

Presentation slides

Reflection – what will you try in your teaching practice (Padlet)

Feedback – provide feedback on the presentation (PollEV)

If you enjoyed the session and are going to give flipped learning a go in your classes, please get in touch and let me know how it went.

Newton’s Third Law

Watch this video from ESA on Newton’s 3rd Law.

Answer the following questions in the comments (and/or your workbook):

  • Name one of the action-reaction pairs from when the astronauts push against each other
  • If they both experienced the same force, why does the astronaut carrying the heavy battery not move as fast as his colleague?
  • Why did only one student move from the end of the Newton’s Cradle?
  • What is the action-reaction pair for a rocket?

Use this quiz to check your understanding.

Newton's Third Law

Check your understanding of Newton's Third Law by completing this quiz.
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Your answers are highlighted below.
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Force is a vector

Watch this quick video for a memorable story to remind you that force is a vector quantity.

Forces and Vectors

Check your understanding by completing this quiz on forces and vectors.
Congratulations - you have completed Forces and Vectors. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%.
Your answers are highlighted below.
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In the comments (either here, or on Facebook), post an example of another quantity that is a vector.